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General Eye Exam

At Visique Pakuranga Optometrists, our comprehensive eye examination not only checks your prescription but also the health of your eye. A 45 – 60-minute eye exam allows us to provide a more thorough, customised eye exam and make sure you are well informed at the end. With the help of technology, a careful examination of the general well-being of your eye health can be executed and documented.

Our eye examination will first start with questions about your usual visual demand or any problems you are experiencing, this helps us understand your situation and make sure the management is tailored for each individual. If you have specific visual demand like fine jewellery making, station control, computer space at work or home, we would appreciate you taking a photo of your work station and measure the approximate distance from your eye to the specific screen/object. 

Next, our Optometrist will proceed to checking your most up to date prescription for spectacles (this includes both distance, reading and/or computer) and/or contact lenses if you are currently a contact lens wearer or if you wish to trial.

Our Optometrist will then proceed on to checking eye health. This would include but not limit to checking for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic eye diseases, sun damages to the eye, eye pressure, dry eye, watery eye and red eye problems. Our professional Optometrist will take time to discuss with you at end of the eye exam regarding on your condition and the best management plan for each individual. All our optometrists are also therapeutically qualified, which allows us to prescribe and manage eye conditions such as infections, inflammation, dryness and allergic reactions in a timely manner.

Prior attending an eye exam with us, it would be at our best interest to provide you with the best care possible, we would ask you to bring your current glasses/sunglasses, or any previous prescription, any discharged letter/report from specialist/hospital if you have been treated with any eye condition before and is first time with us.

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