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Spectacle Fitting

Choosing the right pair of frame and lenses can sometimes cause you trouble “seeing” despite the prescription is most up to date. At Visique Pakuranga Optometrist, we want to make sure from your comprehensive eye exam to making glasses, you are in the hand of trusty professionals, that is why we have our Optometrists dispense your glasses. With the professional knowledge of the wide range of lens options in combination with the result from your comprehensive eye exam, we can discuss with you what is the most adequate option for each individual because no two people have the exact same pair of eyes.


Depending on your prescription, visual demand and lifestyle, we have the options of simple single vision lenses (can be used for everyday activities if you don’t need extra prescription for reading, computer or close up work or can be designed to be used at a specific working distance eg computer screen, reading etc.), there is also computer lenses that gives you more flexibility at work/home over different distances such as computer and reading, as well as progressive lenses, bifocal lenses and sunglasses. Majority of our lenses are available in transition/photochromatic (changes colour when exposed to sunlight), blue light control which limits the amount of light from digital devices, anti-reflective coating as well as varying coatings which have differing levels of scratch resistance.

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